Mrs. Henriette Imesch

Born on July 19, 1955 in Schaffhausen. After graduating from the University of Zürich, she became an attorney. She met her husband, Albert, in 1982, while being on a special project at the company he was an executive with. They both moved to the US in 1992, as he got transferred from Switzerland. His job led them to live and make friends in different places: New York City, Cincinnati, OH, Wilmington, DE, and then Salt Lake City, UT, and Oakley, UT, where they retired.

She had a passion for languages and taught at OLLI, the academy of Lifelong Learning, in Wilmington, DE, and provided private lessons to teenagers helping them to develop their skills.

She passed away peacefully at home in Oakley, UT, on December 4, 2020 surrounded by her husband and friends.

Henriette and Albert joined the our society as well as the New Helvetic Society in 2006.

On behalf of the Swiss communities we extend heartfelt condolences to the Imesch family and May Henriette Rest In Peace.

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